Heinz Golden Circle Fruit and Vegetable Processing Facility

Client: Golden Circle
Location: Northgate, Brisbane
Scope overview: Construct a high-technology packaging and processing plant within the company’s processing plant

Project Description

World-class facility takes Golden Circle Ltd into the future


Golden Circle is one of Australia’s most recognised food companies and a leading supplier of quality fruit, vegetable & juice products to Australian families.


Golden Circle approached Wiley to construct a $17 million, 3,000m2 high-technology packaging and processing plant within the company’s 83,000m2 fruit and vegetable processing plant (the largest of its type in Australia).

Golden Circle sought improved production efficiency, reduced operating costs and increased competitiveness in domestic and international markets from the new facility.

The company required the facility to have a filling and processing capacity of 600 jars a minute, with flexibility to double this rate in future, and the capability to switch between product lines with minimal loss of time.


  • Delivering a facility that improves production efficiency, reduces operating costs and increases competitiveness in domestic and international markets
  • Developing process to allow time-efficient switching between multiple product lines
  • Designing for future expansion.



  • Detailed cost planning
  • Recommendations for incorporating as much of the existing plant as possible into the new, hygienic facility for cost-effective project delivery.


  • Use of innovation to achieve processing capacity at a rate of more than 600 jars of product a minute and potential to double this rate in future
  • Inclusion of a visitors’ viewing area, positive air pressures in ultra-clean areas and a ventilation system for worker comfort within the facility design.


  • Resourceful use of new processing technology to enable time-efficient switching between multiple product lines during production
  • Inclusion of conveyors linking process components, a data highway controlling the manufacturing function, and control coding separating three hygiene zones, with barriers preventing external contact
  • Inclusion of batch retorts for processing cans, jars, plastic containers and pouches of various sizes.


  • Completion of construction within an existing facility
  • Incorporating parts of the existing facility
  • Achievement of all client objectives.


Wiley delivered a world-class packaging and processing plant, claimed to be the world’s most advanced facility of its type.

This facility supports Golden Circle’s commitment to plant modernisation, leading edge technology, product diversification, and domestic and international competitiveness.

The in-built flexibility and forward thinking design of the new plant also ensures the client can confidently meet and increase demand for their products into the future.