St Augustine’s College amenities refurbishment

Client: St Augustine's College
Location: Queensland, Australia
Scope overview: Amenities refurbishment
Project Profile: Download PDF

Project Description

The St Augustine Catholic College community were delivered a new amenities facility during the school holidays; ensuring the school programme, especially during the busy return-to-school period, was seamlessly maintained.

Wiley applied experienced project and site management processes, to meet the client’s target of being delivered through school holidays and completed by the commencement of the new school calendar year.

Committed to meeting the client’s schedule, the Wiley team worked through the Christmas holidays, fast-tracking the program so that the site was only closed on 25 and 26 December.

What our clients think...

Donna Madsen
St Augustine's College

The completed project looks so much better than what we were expecting.  We’re absolutely thrilled with Wiley’s work.

Mark Kitching
Goodna Special School

Wiley also take great pride in working with us to provide the highest level safety and security possible on our school site and their construction site. They have worked extensively with the local community to ensure their needs and their properties are well cared for at all times during the construction process.