Who am I: General Manager – ASEAN region
I enjoy life, and like to stay fit and healthy. I love travelling, hiking, singing (I only do karaoke among friends, definitely not a pro) and eating (moderate and selective). My mission in life is to help others by giving advice, guidance and sometimes financially.
I am a strong believer in “Unless it is a natural disaster, as long as it is a man-made problem, there is always a solution”. I love mental challenge. Whenever I encounter a problem, the first thing that I do is to focus on its solution or solutions. I am guided by “Do not commit any unethical practices which will bring shame to my family”. My family always come first when I need to make any major decisions. Many years ago, both my wife and I had to tender our resignations as expatriates working in China because we wanted our son to receive a good education at kindergarten (that time he was only 4 years old).
I don’t like excuses. It is always the end result that counts.