Milestone: We’re Pouring Concrete at Gainsborough State School

Two brand-new buildings are starting to take shape at Gainsborough State School.

The site is markedly different to when we arrived to a grass field back in April. Now we’re pouring the concrete ground slab on the senior side of the school, while the junior side has a ground and level one floor well underway.

“Everyone has done a great job to get to this point,” says Lochlan Aird, Project Coordinator. “We’ve pumped 160,000 litres of rain water off site since we arrived. It’s been an incredibly wet year, but we’re moving ahead and the buildings are looking fantastic.”

This project came about thanks to the rapid growth of Pimpama – a suburb situated between Brisbane and the Gold Coast. As the main state school in the area, an uptick in enrolment in Gainsborough State School has necessitated the construction of 28 brand new general learning areas (GLAs), spread over two buildings: one for junior age kids and one for seniors. And we couldn’t be prouder to see the project coming to life.

The next stage will be pouring a suspended slab on the senior side. The junior side is further ahead, so we’ll be pulling out the suspended form work from next week and begin installing structural steel.

“I always start getting excited when the steel goes in,” says Lochlan. “That’s when you really get a sense of what the buildings will look like.”

Wiley Project Manager Dan Branagan (pictured) is delighted to deliver another project for the Department of Education. This will be Dan’s sixth school project in the past three years.

“I enjoy working with both the Department of Education and the school to work out what the requirements are, and how Wiley can best deliver something that will be used by future generations.”

Gainsborough State School is one of 16 schools contracted to Wiley in the past few years. Check out our work at Ferny Grove State High School, Indooroopilly State School and more.

A huge thanks to our subbies who have helped us to get to this point. And in no particular order that’s:

Blueform for their fantastic formwork.

Platinum Electrical & Air for all their outstanding electrical work.

Armstrong Bricklaying for their high-quality brick work.

Allanna Plumbing for all things plumbing.