Cerebos Foods Logistics

Client: Cerebos Foods
Location: Seven Hills, New South Wales, Australia
Scope overview: Expand the truck loading facilities and make an overall improvement to on-site traffic flow
Facility: Manufacturing facility

Project Description

Improved logistics helps Cerebos site traffic go with the flow


Cerebos Foods specialise in the production and distribution of sauces, coffee and cooking ingredients and include household brand names such as Fountain, Gravox, Saxa and Tandaco, to name a few.


Cerebos Foods contacted Wiley with regards to their manufacturing facility at Seven Hills in New South Wales.

They required an expansion of the truck loading facilities and an overall improvement to on-site traffic flow.


  • To provide external awnings and additional roadways without interruption to factory operations.



  • Wiley was initially commissioned to prepare a concept report to study options and capital cost estimates associated with creating an all-weather truck loading awning and improved traffic flows for raw material and finished product delivery trucks around the site. The study highlighted improvements in the following areas:
    • Cleaning and safety
    • Efficient B-double manoeuvring
    • Safe truck clearances around the site


  • The study provided Cerebos with two site layout options with capital cost estimates and time schedule.


  • When the board approved the project and an option was chosen from the concept report, Wiley was commissioned to prepare detailed designs and obtain development approval from the Council.


  • Wiley delivered the complete project under budget on an open-book basis to Cerebos
  • Wiley took single point responsibility for:
    • Tendering and negotiation of sub-contract trade packages
    • Site supervision of all construction works including safety
    • Coordination with Cerebos operations and engineering staff
    • Financial management and contracting of sub-contactors.



The new site layout provides the client with clean and safe loading operations along with improved efficiencies and movement of trucks around the site.